Alex Sinclair has recently released Flights of Fancy, a CD of songs about the Welland Canal. The songs were mostly composed to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the Canal, which occured in 2004. You can order it by e-mailing us and asking for it; like all of our products, the CD costs $17 Cdn including taxes and shipping.

We've offered up three tasters from Alex Sinclair's new CD, Flights of Fancy: Songs of the Welland Canal.
These files are in mp3 format.

Shovelling Mud
Underground Railroad
Grand River Canal


Complete Song Listing

  1. William Hamilton Merritt
  2. Shovelling Mud
  3. Slabtown
  4. The Annie and Jane
  5. Underground Railroad
  6. Wm. Lyon MacKenzie Slept Here
  7. Grand River Canal
  8. Ghost Walk
  9. Fickle Wind
  10. The Flowers of Niagara
  11. The Stuff of Dreams