Throughout its career, Tamarack has made a point of taking its music into the classroom, to students at all grade levels from kindergarten to university. We have tried to demonstrate that education can beentertaining, that entertainment can be educational, and that music canprovide a direct link between many areas of study and 'the real world'.

Our classroom performances - at whatever grade level - are lively, casual,and interactive. They are designed to provide information, stimulatediscussion, and spark interest among students.

Tamarack has done a number of projects with Tree Canada - a non-profit foundation dedicated to the renewal of Canada's urban forest. Together we have designed a programme of songs and stories about trees, and how they influence our environment and contribute to our quality of life. This upbeat, energetic, interactive concert stimulates discussion of environmental issues, problems, and solutions. It is especially aimed at showing students that they can have a direct hand in improving the environment, and become responsible agents of positive change. In our presentation we point out many of the ways that trees affect us every day. We also point out some of the ways that people affect trees. Then we make sure that students realize that the tools of environmental restoration can be taken up by anyone who cares enough to try to make a difference. We always have time for questions, answers, and discussions with the students.

Tamarack has run this concert/workshop for dozens of schools in eastern and northern Ontario, and Manitoba, as well as England and Scotland and several schools in the United States.

In addition, Tamarack, in partnership with Tree Canada, can provide extensive teachers' aids, including study guides, CDs, activity and resource books, and resource personnel from Tree Canada's technical advisory staff. Tree Canada is always happy to work with schools across Canada in Schoolground Greening projects.

We have included two songs from the Tree CD in Real Audio format. Have a listen.