SGB Productions, the corporate entity that rules Tamarack with a velvet glove, has just launched a completely new venture. We've published a book of poetry. Written by Ottawa author Jamie MacKinnon, and illustrated with linocut prints by his daughter Genevieve MacKinnon, Just Like Blood brings a marvellous new voice to the world of Canadian literature.

Reprinted below is a selection from the book.

Each and every peach of a day
The centrepiece of each
and every peach
of a day
  the heart
of every iridescent

the core of all
my sundry


(and the seed of all regret )


this stone of my remembered self

  my sunny disposition
my perfect yearning
my smooth-skinned raucous gaiety
This gathered time
this recollected time
  is now  
    the germ of each
and every
peach of a day


About the poet:
Jamie MacKinnon lives in Ottawa. He has written essays, radio comedy, political and business commentary, and two books on beer. Just like blood is his first book of poetry.

About the artist:
Genevieve MacKinnon, Jamie MacKinnon's daughter, studied arts at McGill University in Montreal. She started prinmaking in 1997.

Ask for it at your favourite independent bookstore, or order it direct by e-mail from

As with all of our products, we'll sell it to you for $17, but we'd rather you support your local independent bookstore. Ask them to order it for you.

Stores that are carrying it at the moment include:

Frog Hollow Books
Park Lane Mall
5657 Spring Garden Rd
Halifax NS B3J 3R4

The Bookshelf
41 Quebec St.
Guelph ON

The Miller's Tale
Almonte ON

Collected Works
1242 Wellington St
Ottawa ON


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